AMF is a pioneer in Si Photonics technology with an experience of 15 years in developing a unique set of Intellectual Property covering both devices and fabrication processes. This technology is supporting a large number of customers in a wide range of applications from telecommunications and data centers to LiDAR and sensing.

This unparalleled experience is made available to our customers through a versatile platform offering in our 200mm Fab. These platforms offer best-in-class performance over a broad spectrum of wavelengths including visible, O-Band, C-Band, L-Band to Mid-Infrared and can be deployed over a wide range of substrates including Si, Silicon-on-Insulator, glass…

Together with our Process Development Kit, the versatility of our platforms allows customers to develop innovative cutting-edge Photonics Integrated Circuits for integration into their products.

Key Features   

  • Low Loss Si waveguides
  • Ultra-Low Loss SiN waveguides
  • Wide range of wavelengths supported
  • High bandwidth Modulators
  • Active & Passive devices library
  • Fiber attachment solutions
  • Wafer Level Optical & Electrical Testing
  • Synopsis, Mentor, Luceda, Lumerical based PDKs
  • High Responsivity Ge  & Avalanche Photodiodes
  • UBM & Solder for Laser attachment

Supported Applications

Please contact our team for further information and other supported applications.