AMF is pioneer in Si Photonics technology with long experience in developing a unique set of Intellectual Property covering both devices and fabrication processes. Our technology is ready to support customers’ applications in Telecommunication, Data Centre, LiDAR, Sensing, AR/VR, and high-performance computing. AMF has unique PDK and Platform Offering for our 200 mm Fab.

Platform Offering

We offer best-in-class performance over a broad spectrum of wavelengths, including visible, O-band, C-band, L-band and Mid-Infrared and in a wide range of substrates: SOI, SiN-on-SOI, SiN-on-Oxide, SiN-on-glass.

PDK Offering

AMF offers more than 110 verified devices (active and passive), the majority are single sourced. Among the devices, we can highlight:

  • Low loss Si Waveguides
  • Ultra low loss SiN Waveguides
  • High bandwidth modulators
  • High responsivity and high speed photodetectors

We are constantly upgrading our PDKs based on feedback received on device IP. We also offer Fiber attachment solutions, UBM & Solder for Laser attachment and testing services at wafer level (Optical and Electrical).

Layout in AMF’s PDK can be based in K-Layout, Synopsys, Luceda, Cadence, etc; PDK Model in Lumerical and DRC in K-layout, Mentor Graphics and Synopsys.

Latest PDK Updates

Base Application Specific
  • PDK 4.0 [NEW]
  • Datacom PDK [NEW]
  • 800 nm SiN PDK [NEW]
  • Telecom PDK

  • Supported Applications

    Please contact our team for further information and other supported applications.