Technology features

AMF technology features

  • Modular & complete

    AMF Silicon Photonics platforms are modular and complete with all necessary device blocks in Passive devices, Modulators, Photo detectors (PIN, APD), Arrayed wave guided structures, MEMS assisted device blocks to enable integrated V grooves, optical sub-assemblies, packaging libraries and structures to enable low cost packaging

  • Flexibility in process modification

    AMF Silicon Photonics Platform allows sufficient room for process modification to suit multiple applications in telecom, data centres, and sensors.

  • Separate platforms available

    AMF offers separate platforms for 900nm, 1310nm & 1550nm wavelengths

  • Essential IP blocks in place

    AMF Silicon Photonics platforms are complete with all essential IP blocks in place.

  • Competent team

    Strong technology Team of Optical and Process experts.

Our technology

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