Process Design Kit

Telecom PDK (C band)

Our Telecom PDK (C band) has a complete list of Silicon verified device building blocks to suit your Telecom and Sensing product requirements. This comprehensive PDK will accelerate your time to market significantly. 

Datacom PDK (O band) [NEW]

Our dedicated Datacom PDK provides the essential building blocks for O band applications, allowing to achieve low cost, low power consumption and high data rate. Amongst these, we can highlight:

  • High speed modulators
  • High speed and High responsivity photodetector
  • Low coupling loss Edge coupler (with V-groove option) to SMF
  • Passive devices based on Si and PECVD SiN like Coupler, Power Splitter/Combiner, Phase Shifter, etc

List of key devices in AMF’s Datacom Dedicated PDK, available in PECVD SiN-on-SOI platform:

AMF Transceiver Reference Design

Device Materials
Edge Coupler Si or SiN
Grating Coupler Si
SiN-to-Si Coupler SiN/Si
Power Splitter 1×2 MMI Si or SiN
High Speed Modulator Si
High Speed Photodetector Ge on Si
Power Monitor Photodetector Ge on Si
Thermal Optical Phase Shifter Si or SiN

LiDAR PDK (C-band) [NEW]

Solid-state LiDAR PDK is a promising approach to help your FMCW and ToF solutions to be compact, accurate and fast. AMF LiDAR PDK is available in SOI, LPCVD SiN-on-SOI and  PECVD SiN-on-SOI.

Key devices available in our portfolio are OPA emitters, MMI tree, Phase shifters (transmitters) and Balanced Photodiode (receivers). Please contact us for more details on our available devices in LiDAR PDK.

Device Materials
OPA emitters Si
Grating Coupler Si
1×32 MMI tree Si
Phase Shifters Si
Balanced PD Ge on Si
Device Materials
Splitters Si
Splitters SiN
PD Ge on Si
Couplers Si
Spot size converter SiN

Please reach out to us to access out latest PDK 3.5.