Optical Interconnects


Optical Interconnects for Telecommunication and Data Center Applications

Optoelectronics based optical transceiver

  • Optical data transmission applicable to inter/intra data center communication
  • 50Gbps device capability including modulator and photodetector
  • Extremely low fiber-to-waveguide coupling loss with <1dB/facet coupling loss in O-band

S$5.5 billion by 2021

Transceivers & Active Optical Cables

Enabling faster speed, higher performance data interconnection

(Above) Embedded Optics Market segment- Nascent stage & LMHV
Typical CMOS fab interest). Permanent Market Fracture = Opportunity for HMLV Micro Foundry (MF)

8 channel optical receiver

Modulators with novel carrier distribution engineering to achieve high efficiency, high speed and low loss

Other Applications

Low coupling loss spot size converter

Low coupling loss spot size converter


Laser diode assembly


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