AMF releases new PDK 4.0: Entering in the New Era of Silicon Photonics

Singapore, November 2023 – Advanced Micro Foundry (AMF), the world’s first Silicon Photonics specialty foundry, has launched its next generation of Process Design Kit (PDK)- 4.0. Through this PDK, AMF customers will have access to an enhanced library, with 101 unique devices, available on the 3 key technology platforms offered by AMF, for both Customized runs and Multi Project Wafer.

In this release, AMF introduced new modulator device options, with a remarkable 30% improvement in efficiency, and high-speed photodetectors featuring bandwidths of 89 GHz and 78 GHz, for C-band and O-band, ideal to support 200G/lane applications.

AMF has also rolled out key devices, optimized for O-band/ C-band applications, such the new compact 80Gbaud photodetector, high-speed micro ring modulator, avalanche photodetector (APD) and Si Grating coupler.

Addressing the unique product needs of its customers, AMF has developed 3 applications specific PDK’s – Telecom & Metro, Data Center, and LiDAR PDK.  PDK 4.0 also includes an advanced 2D optical phased array as part of the LiDAR device package with emphasis on size, speed, reliability and tunability.

All devices in the PDK are tested for reliability and manufacturability, supported with performance statistical data. AMF incorporated customer feedback in developing this PDK. The PDK empowers designers with optimized devices for AMF technology platforms, serving as a foundation for developing their Photonic integrated circuits.

Dr. Patrick Lo, CTO of Advanced Micro Foundry, commented on the release, stating “At AMF, we are committed to be the de facto Silicon Photonics foundry, offering cutting edge solutions to our customer, from design, to manufacturing and testing. Our PDK 4.0 is a response to our customer’s needs, feedback, and expectations to pursue innovative design approaches. We are confident that our portfolio will create immense value to our customers’ applications.”

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About Advanced Micro Foundry

Advanced Micro Foundry (AMF) is the world’s first specialty Silicon Photonics foundry based in Singapore. A Pioneer in Silicon Photonics technology, the company offers manufacturing, prototyping & testing services on technology platforms developed and manufactured from its facility in Singapore. The state of art technology platforms benefits from its proprietary application driven PDK strategically tailored for Telecom, Data Centres, LiDAR, and sensor products. AMF’s focus on advancing technology while delivering quality services in volumes has played a pivotal role in seamless scaling of multiple Silicon Photonics products.

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