Vision & Mission

AMF is committed to meet the objective of Total Customer Satisfaction of its products and services by maintaining an effective Quality Management System

To be the de-facto Photonics technology which enables our customers to succeed in Connectivity, Sensing and Computing       solutions for the world
Trusted innovator and manufacturer by going the extra mile in Safety, Quality, Delivery and Customer service executed by our People with sustained profitability.

AMF specializes in customizable prototyping and manufacturing services for Silicon Photonics integrated circuits. AMF manufacturing services are the back-bone technology for more than 50 global customers in the emerging markets such as Data Center, Telcom, automotive, medical and environmental sensors.

AMF, a spin off from IME, A*STAR was incorporated in June 2017. IME has been a globally acclaimed technology platform supplier par excellence for Silicon Photonics products since 2002. Over the last decade, IME has developed a comprehensive portfolio of critical patents, unique design building blocks, and process know-how to design and manufacture Silicon Photonics IC’s.

Given its market leadership and the opportunities that lie ahead, IME has spun off its widely sought after Silicon Photonics Micro Foundry, the leading supplier of Silicon Photonics wafers for next generation optical products.